Bold School by WESTON KIESCHNICK, ICLE Senior Fellow

Technology is awesome. Teachers are better.

We know that digital tools and future-focused learning environments are critical when preparing our students for the real world. But what about the tried-and-true teaching strategies that have always driven real and measurable learning? Where do these fit in?

Bold School puts teachers back into the blended learning equation. Its practical yet powerful approach shows how purposeful technology use combined with old school wisdom can elevate instruction and enhance learning.

After all, the goal of using technology isn’t just to use technology—it’s student achievement. With a Bold School mindset, every teacher has the tools to support students through the power of blended learning.

Bold School by Weston Kieschnick, available July 5th

We know so much about the optimal learning strategies that students can be taught to make major differences to their enjoyment, involvement, motivation and outcomes. But there are few teacher friendly resources that bring these major ideas into one place. Bold School is this resource, and needs to be an essential part of every educator’s tool box.”


Author, Visible Learning


ICLE Senior Fellow, Digital Learning Thought Leader

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Weston Kieschnick has driven change and improved student learning in multiple capacities within his educational career. As a former teacher and school administrator, Weston has had the opportunity to work with students, teachers, and administrators from every state in the US and more than 30 countries around the world.

Now, as an experienced instructional coach and keynote speaker with ICLE, Weston shares expertise with leaders and teachers in order to transform learning through online and blended models.

Connect with him on Twitter, check out his blogs, or listen to one of his podcasts—he’d love to meet you!